Higher education today places a greater focus on INCLUSIVITY in teaching and learning.

At Protologue Learning Resources

we author and produce learning materials that promote and support modern paradigms in active learning and inclusive teaching.

Evidence-Based Pedagogies

We employ the latest evidence-based instructional modalities in content development and programming.

Technologically Savvy

We provide educational experiences spanning the array of today’s technological platforms, to assist educators in eliminating the barriers to success for today’s diverse student populations.

Excellence in STEAM

Our particular focus is within STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) disciplines. In considering the intersections between science and society, we project a uniquely socially-aware perspective.

Our Services

Protologue Learning Resources is among the very first wholly minority-owned and operated firms to offer comprehensive online program management (OPM), educational technology, and institutional consulting services. Our principal mission is to assist educators and institutions serving diverse and traditionally underserved populations in transforming learning experiences and outcomes for success in a rapidly changing technological and professional landscape. Toward this end, we offer the following services:


eLearning / Blended Learning Design and Implementation

Modern technology-assisted courses make use of an array of presentation and assessment tools, such as courseware authoring packages, video production and editing tools, learning management systems (LMSs), etc. We design individual learning modules to entire blended (e.g. “flipped”) or fully-online eLearning courses, utilizing best practices in outcomes-based development, compliant to accessibility standards of Universal Design for Instruction (UDI), WCAG 2.0-2.1, and Section 508. Our team is experienced in industry standard tools such as Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline, as well as cutting-edge open source tools such as the Adapt Framework and Authoring Tool. We work with most popular LMSs such as Canvas, Blackboard, and Moodle, and all content is deliverable as SCORM packages for easy implementation within any LMS.


Production of Original Courseware

As we move further toward greater inclusivity in classroom and laboratory teaching in STEM, we face a dilemma in the lack of in-class multimedia resources that reflect the diversity of targeted student populations. We are creating multiple courseware series that aim to address this. In the life sciences and mathematics, we are producing original single-topic video units for lecture courses, and procedural demonstration units to be used in laboratory courses. We utilize the best and latest cognitive and pedagogical research, for application to well-presented content that work toward the elimination of barriers to learning. We also work with individual institutions for the creation of individualized bespoke instructional solutions.


Learning Technology Infrastructure

We are firm believers in the potential benefits of the use of modern technology in the learning process. However, these benefits are only possible with effective planning and implementation of technological infrastructure. We specialize in the planning and deployment of open-source administration platforms, such as Moodle LMS for delivery and administration of courses, to eduTrac Student Information System for top-down institutional management. We provide advisement services for all aspects of necessary IT infrastructural requirements, from computer systems to networking.


Curriculum / Program Consultation Services

Academic standards for adequate training in STEM have changed significantly over the past decade. For many institutions, ensuring that degree programs align with new shifting standards has proven challenging. The potential consequences may involve impacts to institutional standing, and student performance and competitiveness. Our team is available to work with departments and institutions to provide critical assessment and recommendations on the strengths and challenges in meeting and exceeding modern program expectations. To this end, we offer services in the facilitation of programmatic reviews, strategic planning processes, and curricular design and/or revision.


Proudly Headquartered in Trenton, NJ

We are excited to become part of the nascent renaissance of New Jersey’s capital city. Our new 6000 sq. ft. headquarters, still in rapid development, will allow us to fulfill all functions of our mission in-house. Facilities include office, conference, and classroom spaces, a video soundstage with built-in green screen infinite cyclorama (studio also convertible to black box or white screen applications), control suite utilizing NewTek production hardware, and full post-production facilities. The headquarters building will also feature a fully equipped scientific laboratory, which will be used for the production of media relating to all facets of laboratory procedures used in the life sciences.

Lead Management Team


Kobinah Abdul-Salim, PhD

Founder and President

Dr. Abdul-Salim is a scientist and educator who earned his PhD in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology from Harvard University in 2005. His specialization is in the evolution and systematics of tropical woody plants, which involved extensive field research in Madagascar, West Africa, the Pacific, and the Americas. He has logged many years of undergraduate and graduate teaching experience in botany, evolutionary theory, and general biology at the Ohio State University and the City University of New York. A passionate educator (and student), he is actively involved in the theory and application of modern pedagogical methodologies in STEM, with particular interests in increasing exposure, performance and capacity in under-represented populations.


D. Ted Hall, PhD

Education and Technology Specialist

Dr. Hall is a social scientist who earned his PhD in Learning, Technology, and Culture from Michigan State University in 2005. His specialization is in new media, design, and ethnic studies, which has involved extensive field research and teaching in West Africa, China, and the Americas. He has labored many hours mentoring and teaching graduate and undergraduate students at Martin University, The Ohio State University and Indiana University. His current project involves exploring equity and open access tools and active learning. Dr. Hall is actively engaged in exploring new epistemologial frames in deconstructing normative ideas of knowledge production. He continues to publish and present at domestic and international conferences.